First experiences as an ING Top Engineer

Nieuwsgierig naar hoe onze ING Top Engineers hun eerste twee maanden als IT trainee bij Young Colfield en ING hebben ervaren? In deze blog delen Claudio en Konstantinos hun ervaringen over hun eerste maand bij ING en de trainingsmaand die ze hebben gevolgd bij Young Colfield.

Curious how our ING Top Engineers have experienced their first two months as an IT trainee at Young Colfield and the ING? In this blog Claudio and Konstantinos share their experiences about their first month of training at Young Colfield.

Hi, please tell me shortly what your name is and at which department of ING you work.

Claudio: My name is Claudio Pollice and I am part of a team inside the section “prevention” of the department “Fraude & Cybersecurity”.

Kostas: My name is Konstantinos Norgias and I am the new member of team Atomic, responsible for the original core project “The Guide” and currently Catalog and Web marketplace project of ING. Mainly focusing on front-end development and web components.

What is the reason you chose for this program at Young Colfield?

Claudio: I was looking at several programming opportunities (traineeships and normal jobs) for a starter and chose for Young Colfield for four reasons. First of all, I would get the opportunity to learn full stack programming, which I wouldn’t elsewhere. Second, the Young Colfield had the best labor conditions. Thirdly, the company ING excited me more than the other companies I would work for, with their own interpretation and style of Agile working. Lastly, the interviews that I had with chapter leads of ING that wanted to hire me were better interviews than my other experiences.

Kostas: For me it felt like a nice opportunity to work at a big company like ING which is also investing a lot in rapidly evolving into more of an IT company than just a traditional bank. The intake process with Young Colfield was well organized, friendly and gave a chance to peek into what the new work position is all about before even starting there, with guidance along the way and training sessions to look forward to for a smoother transition.

How did you experience the first training month? What where the different parts of the training and how did you experience it?

Claudio: I had already worked for a month at ING before the training month. In the training month, I could see all the relevant technologies from ING come to light. It was especially nice to go through those technologies with patience and tailored to starters. Other parts of the training consisted of ING expert sessions, where ING employees share their expertise, and two days of team building. It is an intense month after which I was eager and ready to get to work!

Kostas: Along with a few other co-trainees, I also started my trainee-ship a month after having already started work at ING. However, the later training was no drawback at all, but actually worked pretty well as a useful step into better integrating in my team’s work, as we learned relevant technologies that we are using already since my first few weeks at work. The training was intensive and consisted mainly of two parts. A learning part with both back-end and front end-technologies, such as Java and Polymer and a developing part with mainly a final project to showcase and present all of our newly acquired skills.

What was most valuable for you thinking back at this training month?

Claudio: During my preceding month at ING I was surrounded by people far more experienced. This made it hard for me to accept that my level was okay, there was no starter in my surrounding to compare myself against. During this training, I worked together with other starters who had the same problems that I had and together we developed a lot. We know now a lot more than we did before the training. This has been very valuable for my self-esteem as a starter.

Kostas: Teamwork and learning through others. I believe a great way to catch up on new skills, methodologies and practices in our work is to watch and learn from others along the way as well. Sharing examples of code and working together towards the same goal is very beneficial and offers a lot of invaluable skills. Soft skills like communication and cooperation as well as hard skills like better coding or new technologies.

What was hard for you?

Claudio: The most difficult thing for me was to be patient. There is so much to learn and it takes a lot of time to learn it well. This led to the conflict I had within myself. On the one hand, I didn’t want to spend too much time on one thing because there are so many other things to learn. On the other hand, I know that if I don’t spend enough time on it the first time, I won’t learn it properly and have to return to it again later.

Kostas: Lack of time and applying new technologies on the fly. As aforementioned, the program was quite intensive and there was seemingly limited time to apply all the knowledge. It felt very challenging to almost simultaneously train and apply it on a new project. Luckily, and with some professional help from our tutor, the team cooperation worked out great and the end result was both beneficial to us and satisfactory as a presentation to our crowd!

You also had two days of teambuilding. How was that for you?

Claudio: The team building took place around half way in the month. This really came as a shock, since I was so focused on the end project that was coming close. However, it turned out to be a really nice break where I was truly distracted from the training. I feel that I got to know my team a bit closer and am now more motivated to stay in touch with them throughout the year!

Kostas: It was a fun experience where we got a chance to bond with each other more and share experiences. I think it was a good initiative on Young Colfield’s part and a nice short escape from the workload of the training to clear a bit our minds and share some non-work non-study related moments.

What do you like about Young Colfield?

Claudio: Young Colfield has a chill vibe. It is easy to talk to others, ask their name, what they do, etc. It is also very easy to ask for help to the managing team. They are not intimidating at all, which is very important to me. All of this does not compromise how goal-oriented Young Colfield is. It is a great example of a company that can have fun and achieve goals at the same time!

Kostas: Its people and its philosophy. The ambiance is both friendly and cozy, which makes for more quality moments with colleagues or while doing work. I find that everyone at Young Colfield is very approachable and helpful, while meanwhile professional and ambitious and I love it. It seems to me that Young Colfield has found a very good balance in its workplace. Well done Young Colfield!

Why would you recommend this program to others?

Claudio: I looked hard at and compared all my opportunities as a starter in programming or software engineering. ING is one of the best environments one can end up in and via Young Colfield I am convinced that you are guaranteed to have a great kick-start of your career with sufficient guidance and opportunities! Kostas: With a combination of good work placement, such as at ING and good guidance and help from capable Talent Managers  and other colleagues, this program is a great kick-off for the IT sector and your career, while providing you with a good safety-net of opportunity to discover yourself and realize if this area of employment really suits you. Its a win-win you can’t miss for sure!

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